The Best Guitarists In The World

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A History of Electric Instruments And Guitar Gods
Rock and roll is permeated with legends, myths and iconic performing artists. You have stories that document blues musicians selling their souls down at the crossroads as well as stories of Jimi Hendrix discovering the wah pedal for the first time. In this light, some of the most popular guitarists of all time have some of the best stories to back their popularity. This is part of what makes the rock and roll tradition Read the rest of this entry »

What Is New Wave Music In The 21st Century

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What Is New Wave Music In The 21st Century

What Is New Wave And Where Did It Come From?
New wave music evolved in the late sixties as a rebellion against rock and popular music. It was the era of electronic instruments dominating the compositions instead of technical instrumentation and vocal presentation. Groups like Kraftwerk and Silver Apples started the trend as emerging from the psychedelic movement of the late sixties. As the genre grew out exponentially, more and more bands started to develop this electronic sound. Groups in the ’80s popularized this form of music. Read the rest of this entry »

How Has Digital Music Changed The Industry

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Music has seen a lot of changes in recent years. Although not too long ago most of the sales of music that were made involved CDs, this is no longer the case in today’s world. Although there are still some fans out there who purchase CDs, more and more people are beginning to purchase digital music tracks online instead. This has obviously changed music in many ways, but many people wonder if these changes are positive or negative. In all actuality, however, Read the rest of this entry »

What Is The Difference Between Analogue And Digital

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Digital media has taken over. The sound is so much more clearer than what is done on wax and old cassette tapes. The analog sound of yesterday is occasionally popping up in ways that some people would not expect.

Much of this is a way to save money, but people are converting their old LP and cassette collections to MP3 formats. This saves them the money and trouble of buying all of this music all over again. Sometimes the conversion from analogue to digital is decent. At other times the songs sound scratchy and unbearable Read the rest of this entry »

What Is Austin Psych Fest All About

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Austin is more than the capital of the state of Texas – it’s also known far and wide as the live music capital of the entire region. Each year fans, bands and artists flock to Austin to take part in the Austin Psych Fest, an event that celebrates the genre of psychedelic rock.

Few people know that Austin was actual the place where psychedelic rock, a type of music played with the sole goal of re-creating the effects of various mind-altering substances, was first born. The Read the rest of this entry »

Where Are The Coolest Indie Music Festivals

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Where Are The Coolest Indie Music Festivals

Some of the coolest indie music festivals have taken place in the United States, Iceland, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom and Sweden. But, let’s have a look at some of the festivals in the United States and discover what is happening with the contemporary scene. In California every year there is the FYF festival. This concert takes place right in downtown Los Angeles and covers the course of two days of outdoor Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Psych Bands In The USA Today

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The Best Psych Bands In The USA Today

Across the United States, you can find many bands across all genres. But there is one genre that has quickly begun to spread and has seen quite a resurgence as of lately. That genre is psych, which originates from fifties and sixties rock n roll upwards to nineties shoe-gaze and brit pop. Some bands from the past that have dominated the genre are The Velvet Underground, The Seeds, 13th Floor Elevators, Suicide, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spacemen 3, Dandy Warhols, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Warlocks. Now, this movement has taken notice Read the rest of this entry »

The Latest Pop Singers In The Media

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There are a lot of pop singers in the media today. More people have a chance to come on the scene now that Americans are taking an interest in British pop artists. The winner and reigning champion for the last couple of years has been Adele. Everyone that sees her falls in love with her. This is just how captivating her voice is. There is also a lot of buzz about other British artists like the teen sensation One Direction. Adele and One Direction represent two different fan bases,, but they are both blowing up the pop charts with their distinct United Kingdom sounds. Other pop singers like Maroon 5 have continued to drop hits and build up their fan base. The pop world can be a fickle place for singers, but Gavin DeGraw is back after a long hiatus. There was also room for Katie Perry to bounce back into the spotlight after a short retreat from the top of the charts. There are so many rising pop stars out there. The world has taken in so many entertainers that doing both singing and acting. These stars are branching out and trying their hand in many different media venues.